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Does Football Oversaturation Mean Our Kids Aren’t as Open to New Sports?


“Football mania” is not a new concept to Great Britain. With every single country of the United Kingdom having their own football association, football card games, mobile apps, endless website stories, and with the FA cup being so prevalent in social media due to its strongly held status as the top tournament in England, it’s clear to see how likely it is that football will affect all our children at one point or another in their upbringing but if there’s so much football in our society, is there room for any other sports for our kids to discover and grow with?

The Question.

This is a thought on many parent’s minds (especially those who are fans of other sports outside of football such as rugby, darts, badminton or hockey) and it’s not hard to see why. “Will my child continue to like cricket if all their friends keep talking about Aston Villa’s latest win?”. Influences will always come from every direction but most argue that it depends on the child. Yes, at a young age your child is more open to new ideas but they can also think for themselves with most staying true to their hobbies. Other’s believe children shouldn’t be tempted into the footy culture as the game is too “safe” or “tame” – There is minimal contact and trophies and awards are “dished out” in a frivolous manner, giving a lower sense of pride and accomplishment for gaining one. Simply look for sports medals or engraved trophies and the top results will most likely be football-related – It’s expected! This contrasts games such as rugby, boxing, and ice hockey which demands more contact, force and, some say, more effort for trophies.

Should We Worry?

Football Trophies & Medals

With football being the most popular sport in the United Kingdom currently, it is not ridiculous to assume most who read this blog will be football fans – you may be one yourself. These supporters say children being directed towards this sport is not negative in any way, arguing it teaches teamwork, communication skills, and how to shoot towards a common goal (quite literally). They say that football trophies are just as hard to achieve as a rugby trophy or tennis trophy and, although the popularity in sports is not in equilibrium, at least the effort required remains equal across all sports.

What to Do?

Four aspects of influence must be considered: The influence a parent has on their child, media influence, social influence, and the fact your child has unique aspirations, thoughts, and desires. Hobbies will differ from child to child and, although popularity of sports differ, the diversity of sports in the UK and USA is still vast and easily explored. This is made even easier when you can support your child in a more cost effective manner with rewards such as personalised engravings on trophies, medals, and plaques from a wide range of sports in our store so, no matter what your child chooses to pursue, you can support their every step and help support them as they grow. Look at our selection and support them today.

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