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How to Organise a Charity Sports Event

Do you want to raise money quickly? Well, a charity sports event is a great means to engage with the local community and bring in donations that’ll benefit the charity you are working with. This type of event needs considerable planning, however.

Firstly, choose a sport that interests you so that you can promote it passionately. Consider what is popular right now, who you are trying to attract, and whether you can get the equipment easily and cheaply. Once you know the sporting event, it’s time to prep and organise.

Decide how the money will be raised

Are you going to charge people to attend, participate, or hope they donate? There are several options available to you, and you can even use more than one. Having multiple donation points is a good idea, but so is selling food and refreshments and asking people to pay for watching the sport.

While the sporting event will be the main attraction, having other exciting attractions will benefit you greatly. A bake sale, silent auction or raffle are fun and well-loved by most.

Ask for sponsors

Speak to local businesses for a donation in exchange for a mention of their brand; this is a great way for them to drum up business and will benefit them, too. You can have banners, flyers and even a stall set up for them during the event. Local businesses can provide you with products for a silent auction – win-win for everyone involved.

Market the event

You need to get the word out there, otherwise, you run the risk of not having people attend. Market the event once you have people already signed up, and if you can get a local celebrity to attend, even better! Having their name on the adverts will be a draw for many people.

Be sure to list what is happening, when it is happening and where very clearly. You do not want to overload people with too much information. If you want more people to participate, then you can also have people sign up via email.

Make it competitive (but mostly fun)

People love to compete, especially if there is a chance of winning. Have trophies up for grabs with the titles “Best Player,” “Best Scorer,” and “Best Goalie” – everyone will want to try and win these awards and have them displayed within their homes. Investing in cheap football trophies is a cost-effective way to make the charity event more upmarket without investing too much money. Take a look at our football trophies and choose from a Football Boot Trophy, a Male Football Figure, or a range of medals.

Have a backup plan

Hosting any type of event in the UK can be a risky affair; you do not know whether it’s going to be rain or shine, which is problematic if you had planned on the event being outdoors. Cancelling the event due to bad weather is not an option, so you can either plan to hold the event indoors from the get-go, or have a backup plan in place.


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